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New colours: Supersock, Panda Wool and TOFUtsies

May 9, 2008

We finally have all 33 hand-painted colourways and 25 dyed solids of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock on the Yarnomat site. A handful have already sold out, but I’ll be ordering more of those on the next order from Cherry Tree Hill. Still to come: more of the Sockittome colourways, and a couple of dozen one-of-a-kind Potluck colourways. Although I’ve already nabbed one of those to work into my Mum’s feather-and-fan shawl, and sold a couple of others to girlfriends, so they might never make it to the store!

Also today I added a few more colourways of Panda Wool and two of TOFUtsies. Still lots more colourways to come for both of those yarns.

I love the glitter of the Panda Wool Ultramarine. It’s demanding some sort of fishy pattern to show off those shimmering greens and blues. Maybe Pomatomus? I’ve been looking for the right yarn to knit those socks, and this might be it.

Panda Wool Ultramarine

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