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13 shades of Panda Silk and a misbehaving discount code

May 13, 2008

Panda Silk Berry TonesThe first batch of Panda Silk is up on the Yarnomat store, and I love it even more after a day of photographing it, holding it and considering its shimmery loveliness. My favourite of the batch is Berry Tones — just love that raspberry thread running through the lighter pinks. But I’m also in love with the warm yumminess of Butterscotch.

My daughter Eris, who is almost 8, has been enthusiastically helping to run the store. If you receive a delivery with painstaking lettering and a hand-drawn ball of yarn on the invoice, it’s been packed and shipped by Eris (with me checking of course!). She decided today that I should pay for her help in yarn rather than cash, and has nabbed a ball of the Jade Tones. I don’t think she has an idea of what to make with it. She just wants a ball of her own to cuddle and pat. It feels so wonderful, I can’t believe it’s not 50% more expensive.

Also today there are some new colourways of TOFUtsies on the store, including the plain White. I’ve never tried dyeing yarn before, but would like to dye some TOFUtsies. Love the feel of that yarn when knitted up, but previously not many of the colourways had appealed to me. Although I’m discovering that it’s partly because many of the sample photos on the South West Trading Company site don’t do their yarns justice. Some TOFUtsies colourways are far more vibrant and intriguing than I had expected. I’m hoping the photos on the Yarnomat site are a better representation of the colours.

In less happy news, a couple of people have reported problems during checkout at the Yarnomat site. They have tried to enter a discount code and it hasn’t worked. If this has happened to you, I’m sorry! Please let me know and I’ll make sure you get your discount another way. I’m also trying to track down why this is happening, and why it only works for some people but not for others. You can contact me by email on, or leave a comment on this blog.

(If you’d like to try out the code, enter OPENBLOG at checkout for a 5% discount.)

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