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May 15, 2008

Another big photo session today and now all the colourways of all the yarns are on the store. Woot!

Well, except for the Supersock Potluck colourways, but I’m not counting them because they’re one-of-a-kind and I won’t be restocking them after this initial batch is sold. They are gorgeous, but each hank has to be photographed and added to the store individually because they are all unique, and so there’s more of a time overhead involved in carrying them. I’ll continue to carry all the 33 Cherry Tree Hill handpaint colourways in Supersock and Sockittome, though, and the 25 Supersock Solids, since those are repeatable.

If you are interested in the Supersock Potluck hanks, keep an eye on the store tomorrow. I’ve done the photography so now just need to do the editing, and will be putting them up one by one during the day tomorrow. They’ll be A$27.50 each.

Theoretically the Noro Kureyon Sock and Araucania Ranco will be here tomorrow too, so there will be another photography binge once they arrive.

Then I want to re-photograph some of the Cherry Tree Hill and Patonyle, since I’ve improved my photography setup with the help of a photographer friend. The newer photos are much better, and I think it’s important that the photos on the site look as much like the yarn as possible. When you’re buying yarn online, you have to be confident that the photos are an accurate representation of the product. Some of those earlier photos were taken in dappled sunlight, which makes it hard to tell what is an effect of sunlight and shadow, and what’s an actual dye effect.

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