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Photography all done

May 20, 2008

I’ve finished as much photography as I can do for now. There are still a few yarns that were already out of stock by the time my photography improved to the point where I wanted to re-photograph them. So they’re still in the original style and I’ll re-photograph them when I re-stock them. The rest: yay! I’m starting to feel quite proud of my little photography set-up.

Here’s the second attempt at photographing the Sockittome Fall Foliage colourway. Isn’t it vibrant? Finally the photos seem to approach the glorious colours of the actual yarn.

Next on the to-do list: a visit to the bank to set up credit card merchant facilities. Although you can use a credit card through the Paypal gateway without having a Paypal account, several customers have told me that they prefer not to use Paypal at all. I can understand that! So I’ll see if Yarnomat can be set up to take credit card payments through ANZ instead of Paypal.

After that, I plan to add to the information content on the site. I’d like to publish some information about selecting the right yarn for a project, other uses for sock yarn (such as baby garments), and a couple of simple patterns that I’ve been working on.

By then I hope there will have been enough sales to place re-stocking orders for the yarns that are currently out of stock. After that, once the shop is properly established, I’ll start considering other suppliers to add to the store. Currently I’m considering half a dozen different suppliers, and have to do some costings to see which ones the store can afford first. It would be great to have one of the big German sock yarn suppliers too, but they have fairly high minimum orders, so it might be another few months before Yarnomat is able to offer a German sock yarn.

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