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Crystal Palace’s Bamboo-Blend Sock Yarns

June 1, 2008

Yarnomat is now one month old, and it’s been an exciting month.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get off to such a great start. Sometimes I feel a little bit naughty because this is so much fun. Isn’t work supposed to be difficult and painful?

That’s not to say that the month has been without its challenges. An unexpected challenge happened just last week.

In Australia, we have a long-established and very well known yarn company called Panda Yarns.

In the US, Crystal Palace Yarns is also long-established and very well known. Yarnomat has just started selling some of Crystal Palace’s sock yarns here in Australia, including their “Panda Cotton”, “Panda Silk”, and “Panda Wool”.

Crystal Palace Yarns is a US company with no connection to Panda Yarns in Australia. However, the use of the word “Panda” in Crystal Palace’s bamboo-blend sock yarn names was leading some knitters to expect that those were actually from Australia’s Panda Yarns.

So we’ve decided to rename the Crystal Palace bamboo-blend sock yarns for distribution here in Australia. They’re exactly the same as the Crystal Palace yarns available in the US, just renamed to reduce confusion.

From today at Yarnomat, you can now buy Crystal Palace Bamboo Cotton (previously Panda Cotton), Crystal Palace Bamboo Silk (previously Panda Silk), and Crystal Palace Bamboo Wool (previously Panda Wool).

Why not give them a try? To encourage you to try them out, for this week only we’re taking 10% off the price of all Crystal Palace sock yarns sold through Yarnomat. Offer ends at 9.00 am next Monday morning, 9 June 2008. So have a look through the Crystal Palace range and see what captures your fancy.

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