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Pattern for Alika Phone Sock

June 16, 2008

There is a new free pattern up on Yarnomat: the Alika Phone Sock. It’s a stretchy ribbed phone cosy, knitted in the round, with a flap to tuck your phone in snugly. Perfect for leftover scraps of sock yarn.

Even if you have no need or desire to knit a phone sock, I’d still love your comments on the pattern format, especially if you sometimes have a hard time interpreting standard knitting patterns.

I’m experimenting with a new way of writing knitting patterns, combining Information Mapping methodology with standard knitting conventions. Before devoting myself full-time to this sock yarn obsession a couple of months ago, I was an expert technical writer specialising in Information Mapping.

The new format is almost certainly overkill for knitters who are comfortable with conventional knitting patterns, but maybe it will be useful for knitters who find conventional patterns difficult to follow.

If it works for anyone other than me, I’ll probably use this same format when revising the pattern for Joan’s Simple Socks (photos and additional sizes coming soon), and also when writing up a handful of new patterns currently under development.

On the other hand, if the Information Mapping format is overkill for pretty much everyone, I’ll scale it back a bit and use a simplified version instead.

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