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Check out the new colours of Flat Feet

August 26, 2009

There are lots of new colourways of Flat Feet available at Yarnomat. Since the Aussie dollar has improved, I’ve been able to take $5 off the price of each flat. You can now buy Flat Feet for just $32.

An example of a flat from Flat Feet

One side of a flat from Flat Feet. Each flat has two sides painted to match each other.

The hand-dyed flat is a fun new way to knit socks. Yarn artists paint unique patterns on matching pairs of machine-knitted rectangles of sock yarn. Each flat is different, so we photograph them all individually. That way you can be sure that the flat you see is the flat you’ll get.

You knit directly from the flat: no skeins, no balls, and no tangles! Remove the undyed waste yarn and discard it. To knit two socks simultaneously, split at the centre waste yarn and start the second sock on the second half. Only one end unravels easily; if your yarn doesn’t unravel as you expect, re-start at the opposite end of the flat.

Because the yarn has been knitted into a flat, there will be a crimp in your working yarn. Knit tightly for socks as you normally would. The crimp will release once you block your work, and then your stitches will become even.

You can stuff a hand-dyed flat into your pocket or bag, or throw it over your shoulder for easy knitting.

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