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Crikey! Almost all gone

January 20, 2010

This morning I announced that the Yarnomat sock yarn store will close on 8 February, and marked all the stock down to half price. I’d hoped that I might be able to recover some of the purchase costs, and give my wonderful customers a last chance to get hold of some the wonderful sock yarns that can be hard to find in Australia.

I’d expected to sell maybe half the stock before closing up in a couple of weeks, thus leaving me with a big personal stash of sock yarn to work through over the next few years.

Silly me. Your orders have flooded in today, and there’s less than a quarter of the stock left. At this rate, it may all be gone before the store officially closes.

If you have had trouble trying to access the Yarnomat store today, I’m sorry! Please try again. You will get through eventually.

There are still some lovely yarns available (as at Thursday night), including a good selection of the Flat Feet handpainted flats. I’ve been knitting a pair of Marywarmers for my sister with Flat Feet, and love the smooshy way it knits up. It comes quite crinkly out of the flat, so blocking is more important than usual to get a nice professional finish.

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